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Transformation through Reverting

In the past four years or so, we have had a major shift in our awareness as a collective with a deeper understanding of ourselves. We have found at depth such great insights into our consciousness, dreams, and even darker aspects of our nature. All this is all amazing I have learned spending too much time there may become a space where we can become addicted to our self-pity and become paralyzed by excessive morbid self-reflection.

So how do we ensure we aren't falling into this routine?

One area that I have identified is attempting to limit the amount of reading, and information related to coaching, therapy, or anything related to self-discovery. Even try to avoid conversations where I know it will be too intense for the mind. But this is a very large task because I also find such wealth in self-discovery and within the individuation process.

What routines, habits, and behaviors have you learned?

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