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Music and Healing

In my upcoming memoir, music and my love for music I describe as one of the main driving forces in my healing through trauma.

In addition to music was the evolution of my spiritual awakening and maturation through the study of self–compassion mindfulness practice and after completing two personal growth programs in West Hamilton in 2012/13, I was hungry for more exploration. In 2017 I enrolled in a week long training to become a Self-Compassion mindfulness teacher which led me to an amazing location named Chapin Mill Retreat Centre in up-state New York where I took part in long study and practice in a full learning journey could explain. I experienced over a week filled with self discovery, examination, reflection, introspection , rest, meditation, and I was able to engage in my own private prayer time. I have to admit many times I felt way out of my league being there, yet I knew I had to fight to get there and the personal rewards shook me into a whole new level of connection to life.

I have a deep honour and respect that I was able to study with Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer, including Steven D Hickman who helped facilitate with great dedication my acceptance into the course.

It was a beautiful summers drive through many American towns. I have a love for road trips through U.S.A. I love the romance of it.

Following the retreat I drove back through a cool little town called Batavia.NY and in typical fashion I scoped out any new interesting shops. I stopped in a little music shop to look at some vinyl LP’s which is always a highlight of any of my trips.

It is not unnatural that in a second hand store there are thousands upon thousands of used LP’s CD’s and Cassettes , It can be overwhelming. In addition to that old damp smell of aged cardboard , containers , LP sleeves, plastic made in the 1970's and posters that once lit up a disco dance floor I'm sure.Ohhhh , the stories that could be told from all those listeners of fine tunes. And heart aches too.

You know that instant gratification that happens? When a thrift store owner shouts out “ There is another room in the back” , that’s what I received.

As I walked passed through a few isles and spent about 20 minutes, I almost began to head out empty handed, then a force inside me noticed a few large bins on the floor filled to the max with 8 tracks. I don’t actually own an 8 track unit , yet I recall how fascinated I was growing up when my family had played music in this format.

In my upcoming memoir, I refer to a time in my youth when one of my favourite Uncles, Rodney Lyttle, had regularly played all those old Rock and Roll 8 tracks from his truck.Bob Seger, Anne Murray, The Knack , known for the hit My Sharona.

So after digging through some bins, hands getting that dusty, dry sensation, and looking at the time thinking to get on the road, I noticed a bin that was hiding in a corner , so was drawn to it. When I just scratched the surface , sifting through various bands and artists, I kept digging as I knew there was something in this box that was glowing and calling to me. And as I reached the bottom , Bingo. John Lennons Album “Imagine. A warm feeling fell over me and I knew I had a purchase to make , 5 bucks. Then further more I hit a gold mine after more digging . Most of the classics of which music legends I adore and frequently listen to in my collection.

What are your music stories with healing ?

Here is the 8 Track lists from top row, left to right from the Post's image.

Row 1:Stephenwolf, The Beatles ( Abbey Road), John Lennon (Imagine),Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin 111

Row 2: Foreigner, Led Zeppelin ( Houses of the Holy),Fleetwood Mac ( Rumours),Bee Gees, Neil Young ( Harvest), Crosby, Still, Nash , and Young.

Row 3: The Eagles,Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin ( Unknown album), The Eagles ( The Long Run), Steely Dan, Chicago.

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