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Just a Canadian Boy living the dream


Look into falling in love with your heart

Look into what is there

What do you see?




So then love all these things

Let that process begin

Let your heart fall into itself

You will not be disappointed with how much love your heart has to give

Give yourself kind words and let them open up to you.

The force of the love you have, you don't even know

The life force of light, all emerald and pouring through.

Think of how many galaxies your smile and love has shined on

Did you know that for every one person in the world there are 60 galaxies?

So that means you have 60 galaxies that are apart of you.

And think of all the stars you own

But even then you still have more kindness and generosity to share that can't even begin to fill all of the universes you live in.

You are Golden, You are beauty, and you are Star Dust.

So then, let your love light shine

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