Lee Lyttle

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Creative Non-Fiction Memoir Writer, Artist, Social Service Worker, Thought Leader



“How free do you want to be ?”

This was one of the first questions I was asked when I first started my healing journey and I continue to reflect on freedom, acceptance, and my spiritual awakening as it unfolds today. I also invite the people who work with me to do the same, in the belief that our freedom guides our quality of life.

This is easier for some people than it is for others, and those of us who have struggled with trauma in its various forms are all-too-aware of the fragility of life. I share more about this subject in the creative non-fiction memoir of my own healing journey, Wounded Healer. My journey took me from early childhood sexual abuse through a variety of traumas, a life of addictions, and a struggle with mental illness. My memoir shares some of the truths I’ve learned about traumatic experiences and their effects, and through it runs the threads woven by my faithful companion—my imagination—which served my healing through music, art, and the craft of writing.

Wounded Healer


Statistics show there are more than 45 million survivors of child sexual abuse in North America and that one in five boys on this continent are sexually abused before age 18.  The experience can unleash a bitter struggle for connection, and it can leave survivors grappling with a debilitating fallout that ranges from alcoholism and drug addiction to mental illness and a general failure to thrive. 


Author Lee Lyttle brings hope for healing to millions of broken families through his lyrical memoir, Wounded Healer.  The book unveils the profound yet raw story of Lyttle’s journey through childhood sexual trauma and the debilitating experiences as an alcoholic that eventually followed. He tracks the shattering feelings of isolation and bitterness that haunted his days, along with his conscious mind’s demanding desire to numb his memories of the hideous day when his innocence was stolen from him. 


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