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My Background


With 10 years of experience working as a therapist for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, Lee’s insights and training into psychology and behavior—amplified by his artistic endeavors—have given him the ability to explore trauma healing from a variety of perspectives: experientially and academically, as well as vocationally. Combining insights from western mainstream psychology and learning and understanding Traditional First Nations wisdom practice allows Lee to bring clients to a place of wholeness and wellness with respect for all aspects of who they are here to be. 


Lee extends his healing work with various methods of healing he has learned through 12-Step support groups, religion, and various aspects of spirituality. Lee continues to explore the healing-in-recovery life through academics and vocation.

Wounded Healer

Twenty-four years of professional and personal experience with addictions and mental illness have led Lee Lyttle to the conclusion that we are all imperfect…and that is a-okay. 

His memoir, Wounded Healer is a personal memoir that traces his healing journey through childhood trauma, addictions, and mental illness. His hope is to share how creativity and imagination, music, and art, can help people cope in a positive way with the trauma of any nature, and he aims to support other male survivors of child sexual abuse…or anyone else who has experienced childhood trauma, addictions, or mental illness.

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