Heal in a Safe Place with Lee Lyttle

Healing through creative memoir writing 
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With 10 years of experience working as a therapist for people who have suffered traumatic brain injury, Lee’s insights and training into psychology and behaviour—amplified by his artistic endeavours—have given him the ability to explore trauma healing from a variety of perspectives: experientially and academically, as well as vocationally.


Combining insights from western mainstream psychology and learning and understanding Traditional First Nations wisdom practice allow Lee to bring clients to a place of wholeness and wellness with respect for all aspects of who they are here to be.

Lee extends his healing work with various methods of healing he has learned through:

  • 12-Step support groups

  • Religion, and various aspects of spirituality.

  • Lee continues to explore the healing-in-recovery life through academics and vocation.

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The implications of trauma and abuse and how it effects our daily lives varies so much. You may struggle with communication, relationships and trust. Healing from that trauma is completely possible and I am here to support that. 

Telling a stranger about your problems can be stressful, if you find yourself not setting an appointment because of this then send me an email. 

Healing is possible!